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Why specify external wall insulation?

Up to 40% of the total heat lost by individual buildings is through the external walls. Applying external wall insulation reduces the heat loss, stabilises the wall temperature, and eliminates the risk of interstitial condensation and cold bridging. It is suitable for new and old buildings, for single family dwellings or multi occupancy high rise flats, school and health buildings, retail, commercial and industrial buildings


Kilsaran & Henkel offer a very wide choice of EWI Systems tailored to varied needs. While all of them guarantee high insulating performance and durability, some have additional properties, such as exceptionally quick installation or the highest impact resistance. Whatever you choose, you can be sure to obtain a reliable, high quality insulation system with carefully selected components.

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CERESIT CERETHERM EXPRESS Express Installation & Extra Durability

Highly durable and reliable insulation system. It combines all the advanced features and excellent insulation properties with the convenience of being extremely quick in installation. Therefore it is an unbeatable solution in all cases, where time to complete a project plays an important role.

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CERESIT CERETHERM CLASSIC Durability & Performance

Reliable insulation system resistant to impacts and demanding weather conditions. It has optimised self-cleaning and vapour permeability properties. Recommended and durable solution for most applications.

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CERESIT CERETHERM CLASSIC WOOL Breathability & Performance

Breathable and A2 class fire resistant system with soundproof properties. It offers high insulating performance while guaranteeing a healthy living environment. Thanks to very high vapour permeability this insulation system is a perfect solution especially for all applications exposed to higher humidity and danger of biological contamination.

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CERESIT CERETHERM IMPACTUM Highest Impact Resistance & Durability

A unique insulation system with exceptional flexibility, strength and impressive impact resistance to over 100 J. It protects the building like a helmet, ensuring safety even in the most demanding weather conditions and when at risk of strong mechanical damage. All these guarantee extreme durability and aesthetics for the insulated facade.

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