INSULATION (SEAI Grants for Home Owners)

Maximise comfort and savings by upgrading the energy efficiency of your whole home. Find out how to plan your upgrades for the best results.

3 steps to a warmer home

If your home was built pre 2011 it may need multiple upgrades to increase comfort levels and reduce your energy bills. Your home energy upgrade journey should be done in three steps. Following this process gives you the best results for your investment at every stage.

1. Assess

First you need to understand what home energy upgrades would benefit your home the most. A BER assessment now comes with a detailed advisory report, tailored to your home. This report gives you a roadmap to achieve a minimum B2 energy rating for your home. Use the report to decide which upgrades you want to carry out.

2. Insulate

The next step is to insulate your home. This will help to keep your valuable heat in your home, increasing your home comfort and reducing your heating bills. Insulation can include the attic, external walls, cavity walls, and floor. You may also consider installing new windows and doors. Learn about insulation in our home energy guide.

Did you know?

  • A home loses 20 – 30% of its heat through the walls
  • A home loses up to 30% through a poorly insulated attic
  • Even if you have some attic insulation you should upgrade it to today’s standard

If you stop after completing this step you will benefit from a warmer home that is cheaper to run.

3. Add renewables

Now you can add a renewable energy system to your home to provide heat, hot water or electricity. The most popular renewable systems are heat pumps, solar water heating panels and solar photovoltaic panels.

Adding renewable energy to your home will reduce your energy bills and help you to achieve an A-rated home. It will also support the move away from fossil fuels.

Another benefit of proper insulation is fact that it can act as a sound barrier between your home and the outdoors and between the rooms inside your home; you can enjoy added privacy as well as peace and quiet.