External Wall Insulation systems for new build and renovation projects in the UK and Ireland. Ceretherm EWI systems are proven in use in Europe and the Middle East, helping building designers create energy efficient, stylish and comfortable buildings for living and working, independent of the actual weather conditions outside.

EWI is applied to the outside of the building, either directly to a masonry substrate, or as part of a rail supported system using a suitable building board. EWI is installed by specialist contractors.

Why specify external wall insulation?

Up to 40% of the total heat lost by individual buildings is through the external walls. Applying external wall insulation reduces the heat loss, stabilises the wall temperature, and eliminates the risk of interstitial condensation and cold bridging.

It is suitable for new and old buildings, for single family dwellings or multi occupancy high rise flats, school and health buildings, retail, commercial and industrial buildings.

The wide ranging advantages of EWI

Ceretherm EWI systems offer the designer and building owners many advantages

  • Systems are lightweight, which as a rule do not affect the building’s structure
  • EWI can transform the look of buildings and rejuvenate tired facades.
  • Ceretherm finishes offer a vast range of contemporary design, colour and style options
  • Ceretherm systems are tested in accordance with ETAG 004 and have been granted European Technical Approval.
  • Ceretherm systems contribute to the overall reduction in heating costs and carbon emissions